Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Single Girder Crane

CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoist Introduction:

We are the manufacturer specialized in Electric Hoist for more than 10 years, the electric wire rope hoist model CD1 and MD1 have the features of compact, light, small-sized shape and smooth operation. It can be used not only in the overhead rails, but also in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single-girder crane, the double-girder crane the cantilever crane and the gantry crane. The electric hoist model Md1 with double lifting speeds should be used in cases where the hoist model CD1 with sigle speed cannot meet the requirements for fine adjustments during precision operations.


CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoist application:

CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoist means low head-room hoist, single girder type. It is used for single girder crane, lifting capacity range from 2t to 120t, lifting speed can be single speed, double speed or variable speed. Working group from 1Bm to 4m.


KF CRANE is widely used in hoisting operation, for instance, factory, mines, transport materials in the fix span scope, mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical factory and subsidiary workshop, warehouse, material yard and power plant.






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